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Hey there! My name is Eleanna (pronounced Ele-anna) and I love travelling. It’s been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. It’s practically part of my DNA. Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it!

How I got bitten by the travel bug

I grew up in Athens with a diverse cultural background. My mom and I were born in Athens, but the rest of my family comes from other places like Istanbul, Russia, Romania, France, and New Zealand. As one might expect, my ancestry test results were fascinating; I have ancestry as far as the Baltic!

Growing up in such a multicultural environment, I was exposed to many languages, customs and foods from a young age. I grew up on Russian teas with cakes and sandwiches, and French pain au chocolat for a mid-morning snack. Our most festive food at Christmas and Easter, was “salat de beuf”, the Romanian version of the famous Russian salad.

In addition, my parents also loved travelling and always took me with them. I was hardly five years old when I took my first flight! Maybe that’s why I love air travel to this day. Thanks to my parents’ love for travel I visited almost all of Greece and half of Europe before finishing school.

My First Solo Trip Abroad

When I was 18, I took my first trip alone to London. It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. To this day, I prefer to travel alone for the sense of independence and freedom it offers. Moreover, one of the reasons I chose London and Scotland for my postgraduate studies was the opportunity to live in another country.

Of my travels, I single out Istanbul (my maternal grandfather’s hometown), Brazil (drinking caipirinhas in the jungle), seeing Niagara Falls and the filming of a sci-fi series in Toronto (my other passion, along with photography) and many more.

About The Blog

I started blogging in 2013, returning from Istanbul, to share all the feelings and images that had flooded my soul.

Today my blog has evolved into a definitive guide for discerning travellers who want to discover new places, cultures and flavours in comfort and style.

Whether you love exploring romantic European cities, enjoying a wine tasting in Tuscany or relaxing in a spa spa in the Italian Alps, on my blog you’ll find inspiration, guides and tips to make your next trip the experience of a lifetime.

I hope to inspire you to get out there and discover new places, try new foods and fill your life with unforgettable moments.

Follow me on social media (@acuriouscompass) as I discover and share with you the hidden gems and cultures of the world!

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