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Aegea Blue returns as the most naturally beautiful, hidden retreat in the Mediterranean.

It is the absolute escape for those who consider the connection with Aegean nature to be the utmost luxury while disconnecting from anything resembling convention.

Aegea Blue Άνδρος

Aegea Blue: a natural retreat in the Cyclades

Aegea Blue is a Cycladic resort unlike any other. It is located in the northernmost part of Andros island, just above one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, that of Zorgos.

This summer, the Aegea Blue resort reintroduces itself as the most remote retreat, just 2 hours from Athens. An ideal destination for nature lovers, but also for those who love the blue Aegean Sea. Here, the meltemia, the strong Greek summer winds, and the Cycladic landscape provide a backdrop full of colours and smells. Not to mention, the most spectacular view of the Aegean. It is the perfect backdrop for an idyllic, authentically Aegean holiday.

Location and architecture

Sun, light, stone, a diverse natural landscape, blue-green waters and a light breeze remind you that you are in the Cyclades. These are the surroundings of Aegea Blue, in a lush green area, dominated by golden olive trees and oleanders, around an amphitheatre that embraces the heart of the resort: its abstractly beautiful pool. The ultimate, all-day meeting place.

The resort’s uniqueness lies in its excellent architecture, as well as its location. Built between mountain and sea, it provides protection from the northern winds, while offering breathtaking views.

Andros Island, otherwise known as Ydrousa, is famous for its wild landscape, full of contrast. After all, the island is a micrography of Greece. The landscape features high mountains and deep gorges, valleys planted with vineyards, as well as creeks with running waters. Meanwhile, green trees such as cypresses, oaks, fruit trees, and olive trees are interspersed among thermal springs.

Therefore, Aegea Blue reflects the island’s contrasts with its rich scenery and architecture. It combines the bare Cycladic landscape with breaks of lush vegetation and abundant running water. All within this beautiful and unique resort in the Cyclades.

Aegea Blue Άνδρος

Aegea Blue: The villas

Built to resemble a Cycladic village, the resort consists of 24 villas. Most of them offer views of Zorgos Beach and range in size from 40 sq.m. to 400 sq.m. They are ideal for groups, families, couples, retreats, and special occasions.

Take advantage of this summer’s offers and get to know the most beautiful resort of the Cyclades, just 2 hours from Rafina and half an hour by car from the port of Lavrio.

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