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Air France surprised its passengers on July 6th, 2019 with an amazing live ballet show in the air, onboard flight AF117 from Shanghai to Paris. The awesome video posted online by Air France shows dancers from the Paris Opera performing during the flight, while the passengers look, as expected, both delighted and surprised.

The performance celebrated the successful conclusion of the Paris Opera’s tour in Asia, which lasted from June 21st till July 5th, 2019. Air France was the official carrier for the Paris Opera Asian tour and transferred a total of 162 members of the Paris Opera (dancers, choreographers, and technical staff) from Paris to Singapore and Shanghai.

The Paris Opera lead dancer (coryphée) Yvon Dymol designed the choreography especially for the occasion, thus allowing dancers to perform in the limited space of an airplane (a Boeing 777-200 in this case). The show was given in all cabin classes, to the famous music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

Air France said about the occasion in a statement:

Air France and Paris Opera share many common values and contribute to France’s influence throughout the world by promoting its culture and way of life. Throughout the year, on all its long-haul flights, Air France offers more than 1,400 hours of video on demand, including an “Arts and Culture” selection offering films from the Paris Opera’s new online platform “3e Scène”, highlighting dance and featuring a behind-the-scenes tour of the Paris Opera.

Find more info at the Air France website,, and Facebook page (airfrance)


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