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The striking 5-star Andaz Vienna am Belvedere stands as a testament to the luxurious lifestyle fostered by Hyatt in Vienna. Reflecting a contemporary elegance fused with vibrant artistic flair, the hotel draws inspiration from Prince Eugene of Savoy—the 18th-century architect of the renowned Belvedere Palace located just a stone’s throw away. My recent stay at the Andaz offered me a treasure trove of experiences I am eager to share.

View of the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt Hotel complex in Vienna

The Welcome

Our arrival at the Andaz Vienna Belvedere by Hyatt coincided with the crisp chill of a late November afternoon. Disembarking from our Uber, we were greeted by the imposing facade of two avant-garde skyscrapers, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, standing proudly opposite the Belvedere 21 modern art museum.

Crossing the entrance, we were welcomed by the charming lobby – an elegant social space decorated with books, artworks, and chic furniture.

One of the amenities that catches your eye is the cosy tea and coffee preparation area, which includes a well-stocked mini-bar with complimentary still and sparkling bottled water.

View of the lobby, as seen from the inside, towards the entrance/exit.

After a short wait, we were greeted amicably by the reception team, which guided us through the smooth check-in process. Standout staff included the exuberant Kay, who helped us secure a table at the popular Café Central, and Marilena, whose shared Greek heritage led to a delightful exchange on the subtleties of the Viennese versus the Austrian schnitzel. Their friendliness and excellent service set a high standard for hospitality.

The interior

A part of the hotel lobby, near the entrance, with the Christmas tree

When you walk into the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere, it feels like coming home—if your home happens to be infused with an incredible sense of style and a love for art. It’s cosy and friendly, yet every glance reveals something beautiful, something chosen to be there, just like your eclectic art-loving friend might decorate their place.

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
The hotel lobby is reminiscent of a living room where the owners love art, travel and books.

The place doesn’t just look good; it’s got soul. It’s as if the hotel is opening its arms to welcome you. Chill out on a comfy sofa in the lobby, admire the unique local and contemporary art all over the walls, and instantly get why this isn’t your standard hotel experience. There’s a story behind every painting and sculpture, echoing the adventurous life of art collector Prince Eugene.

There’s even a special nook within the lounge close to my heart: a library lovingly curated with art and history books. Imagine nestling into a soft, welcoming sofa, a cup of coffee cradled in your hands, as you’re transported by the rich stories that leap from the pages.

View of the lobby near the bar.

Checking into the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is like arriving to stay with a friend—the kind who’s seen the world and filled every space with memories and conversation starters.

The Guestrooms

We opted for a twin-bed room in the hotel, which features 303 rooms, including 44 suites and interconnecting rooms ideal for families.

We stayed in one of the guestrooms on the upper floors, with a wonderful view of Belvedere Palace. The hotel has 303 rooms, including 44 suites, one penthouse suite on the 15th floor, and interconnecting rooms suitable for families.

They offer an exceptional experience, combining stylish furnishings and amenities while showcasing local contemporary art thoughtfully curated by Vienna’s renowned Senn and Charim galleries.

The view from our room windows. In the background, you can see the Belvedere Palace and its gardens with the artificial lake.

Our room, I dare say, was one of the most comfortable I’ve stayed in so far (and I’ve stayed in several 5-star rooms to compare). Could it be the comfy beds, the tasteful decor, the huge TV, the floor-to-ceiling windows or the excellent lighting? Maybe it was all of these. One thing is for sure: we felt so comfortable, and the place was so cosy that we were tempted to spend the entire trip at the hotel.

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We had chosen a room with two twin beds, which were quite wide, bigger than a standard single bed. The mattress was a bit harder than I’m used to, but we slept very comfortably. Not to mention, it’s the most suitable kind of mattress if you have back problems.

Room amenities

Our room, matching its excellent reputation, had everything you could think of for a peaceful break. These included:

  • A big 55-inch TV surrounded by a pretty wood frame
  • Large windows go from the floor to the ceiling, with curtains that can block out the light for when you want to sleep in – and they were very effective!
  • A closet with plenty of hangers for your clothes and a place to keep your shoes. There’s even an umbrella for surprise rain!
  • A laptop-sized safe
  • A minibar that’s always filled with complimentary soft drinks and snacks
  • Equipment to make espresso and tea, with fresh Illy coffee and a variety of teas replenished daily

Exceptional attention was given to the lighting, which catered to every whim and situation. Especially the low light under the bed that switched automatically on to guide you to the bathroom at night was a new experience for us, but a fun and welcome one at that!

The Bathroom

View of the bathroom with the washbasin, everything well-lit and with plenty of space

The bathroom is spacious and bright, with a separate toilet tucked behind a sliding door. The latter also doubles as a door for the separate shower and washbasin area. Moreover, a celebrated Austrian artist has transformed the back of the bathroom’s sliding door into a vibrant canvas of graffiti-style art.

And the shower? It’s got a sleek glass door that keeps the warmth in. This way, you can enjoy a hot shower even with the bathroom door open. In case your roommate happens to want to use the separate toilet at the same time!

The large bathroom in our room had a shower with both “rain” and regular options. Higher rate rooms of the hotel also have bathtubs.

The bathroom had everything you could want, including soft robes, plush towels, a quality hair dryer that makes your hair less frizzy, and many luxurious, branded bath products. In particular, the walk-in shower with rain or classic showerhead options and the countertop with enough room for a fashionista’s endless cosmetics collection made getting ready every day feel special.

Other nice touches

A personal welcome from the hotel manager, along with a “painter’s palette” of colourful (and delicious) pralines in various flavours

Upon entering our room, we were greeted with a “painter’s palette” of chocolate pralines in various colours and flavours on the table, accompanied by a personal welcome message from the hotel’s General Manager, Mr Michel Wittwer.

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The Breakfast

Πρωινό στο Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
Part of the breakfast buffet (there’s more!)

Mornings at the Andaz were a delight! You can start your day with a generous breakfast buffet catering to every guest’s taste. An impressive array of bread, including fresh croissants and various cakes, creates a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, vegans have plenty to choose from, with a dedicated section offering thoughtful plant-based options.

The other side of the breakfast buffet
The breakfast buffet offers a selection of different kinds of bread, croissants, cakes, etc., and vegan options.

The breakfast spread featured heart-friendly butter alternatives in addition to regular butter. There was also a selection of jams, with the standout being the honey and honeycomb station.

The highlight for me, however, was the apple and meringue pie. Indeed, it quickly became our morning staple; each slice was an indulgence! Undoubtedly, this pie is the best way to start your day on a cold December morning.

Butter, margarine (the lowering cholesterol kind), a variety of jams and honey, even a big piece of honeycomb, so you can take as much as you want
The hotel’s apple pie with meringue & vanilla sauce is the star of the breakfast menu. Get it while you can, as it runs out quickly but is often replenished.

Dining – Eugen21 & Aurora Rooftop Bar

Eugen21, the hotel’s restaurant, bears the name of the historic Prince of Savoy. It delighted us with modern Austrian cuisine. As one might expect, we indulged in an authentic Viennese schnitzel. Indeed, the thin, breaded veal cutlet was cooked to perfection. However, what made it stand out was its excellent taste and ideal complement with a tasty potato salad and lemon sauce.

The Aurora Rooftop Bar presented an enchanting Nordic-inspired cocktail menu and a Scandinavian aesthetic. But the highlight of the bar is the incredible 360o views it offers to Vienna and the magnificent Belvedere Palace.

The interior of the rooftop bar Aurora, decorated for Christmas

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Our visit coincided with a surprise ‘performance’ by a CNN International team. In other words, a rooftop interview of the Austrian finance minister by famous CNN presenter Richard Quest! Moreover, our seats adjacent to the bar’s Christmas tree ensured we enjoyed the unfolding event comfortably. The scrumptious hot chocolate served as a delicious finale to a magical evening.


The bar in the lobby of the hotel

The hotel provides free internet to guests at a good speed. For example, we could comfortably watch our favourite Greek programs on the TV using Chromecast on my mobile phone.

It also features a 24-hour fitness centre, a sauna and a wellness centre, and meeting and event rooms. The hotel also has special amenities for infants and pets; all areas are wheelchair accessible.

The Location

Just a stone’s throw away from the grand Belvedere Palace, complete with its enchanting Christmas market, this hotel is a gateway to regal history and festive spirit. The location is ideal for art lovers: the hotel is opposite the contemporary art museum Belvedere21. Free entry to the museum is included in your hotel room price.

A miniature of the Belvedere Castle made of gingerbread in the hotel lobby for the holidays.

For those looking to explore further, the main train station is merely minutes by foot. This offers effortless access to various destinations, including Bratislava and Prague. Adding to the ease of exploration, a tram station is nearby, mere minutes on foot. It easily links you with Vienna’s best attractions via a direct line through the city’s pulsating centre—all for 4€ a trip.

You’ll discover a spacious supermarket and a bustling shopping centre within the hotel’s vicinity, with charming cafes and diverse restaurants. Among these dining venues is the delightful Italian eatery Al Banco, a local highlight I can vouch for. A convenient pharmacy and various other shops are also at your disposal.

The Andaz Vienna offers an authentic Viennese living experience in a tranquil residential neighbourhood. It’s conveniently close to the bustling city centre, yet far enough to provide a peaceful and genuine atmosphere.


The Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is one of Vienna’s most environmentally friendly hotels. It has installed various energy-saving measures, such as automatic window shading in the rooms, air recycling systems, refuelling systems for electric cars in the underground car park, etc.

Moreover, the hotel collaborates with local food producers, emphasising organic and sustainable produce. They also follow their restaurant’s “farm-to-table” principle and have MSC and ASC certifications for the fish they use.

Summing things up

In conclusion, I had an amazing time at the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt. The hotel elegantly combined luxury with art and culture, making it a perfect place to stay. The staff was very attentive and provided excellent service throughout my stay. Everything about the hotel was top-notch – it felt cosy yet looked stunning.

Staying there felt like staying with a friend who has exquisite taste in contemporary art and offers delicious food and comfort. This hotel is a highlight in Vienna – whether you’re exploring the city or want a peaceful place to relax, your stay here will be one to remember.

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For more information, contact:

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere
Arsenalstrasse 10, Vienna, Austria, 1100
Tel: +43 1 205 7744 1234

Disclaimer: I stayed at a media rate, but this is my true experience.

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