Banyan Tree is a major player in eco-friendly travel, one of the first to join the United Nations Global Compact network in Singapore. Now, it puts in place a variety of guidelines to promote sustainability in food production.

The Banyan Tree Sustainability Commitment

Specifically, Banyan Tree has long been committed to its ethos of “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People”. It actively implements sustainability practices ever since its founding. 

The group recognizes that a significant portion of environmental impact stems from its food supply chain. As a result, it continues to implement sustainable food policies while improving existing best practices.

This comprehensive transition encompasses various initiatives. Such as the introduction of the Meatless Monday program in all associate restaurants. In addition, they increased plant-based cuisine options, and set clear food waste targets.

Banyan Tree Sustainable Food Journey Sustainability

Furthermore, Banyan Tree has partnered with organizations such as Humane Society International. The aim is to develop best practices on food sourcing to protect animal welfare.  

Moreover, the Group is actively expanding sustainable food-sourcing methods. Specifically, they prioritize seasonal and local produce, prohibit the use of endangered fish species, and promote responsible fishing practices.

At the same time, the Group acknowledges the complexities involved and collaborates closely with the local communities. This allows the group to make use of local knowledge and guarantee a sustainable future.

Banyan Tree Sustainable Food Journey Sustainability

Key policies

The following are some key policies that the group implemented to drive sustainability efforts:  

Banyan Tree Sustainable Food Journey Sustainability

Banyan Tree Group reports progress in annual Sustainability Reports, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and accountability. Earlier this year, the Group released its 17th annual Sustainability Report, which adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and SGX Sustainability Reporting Standards, while also aligning short- and long-term targets with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

For more information on Banyan Tree Group’s sustainability efforts and initiatives, and the latest Sustainability Report, please visit


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