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Experience the breathtaking allure of the Olea All Suite Hotel in Zakynthos, where Greek island charm intertwines with cutting-edge design. Marvel at the exquisite fusion of tropical aesthetics and contemporary elegance, all the while indulging in the enticing allure of its one-of-a-kind swimming pool. This unforgettable retreat will leave you spellbound at every turn.

Zakynthos Island: A Captivating Greek Paradise

When the crowds are gone, and the heat is down, the island of Zakynthos transforms into your oasis. The shoulder seasons are the best times to experience all that this charming island has to offer.

The emerald waters of Zakynthos

Nestled in the crystal-clear, emerald-colored waters of the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos (also known as Zante) is a sun-kissed Greek island paradise that entices visitors with its natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

This enchanting destination offers visitors a blend of picturesque landscapes, golden-sand beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. Not to mention, the delicious local cuisine.

Olea All Suite Hotel Zakynthos

Beautiful monasteries, lovely beaches, and natural wonders surround Olea All Suite Hotel, which beguiles with 93 tropical-modernist suites set around a stunning 4,000-square-meter pool.

Furthermore, the resort has 3 restaurants and 2 bars. Specifically, Pacifico restaurant marries Japanese culinary traditions with exotic Peruvian ingredients, while Flow celebrates Zakynthos’ rich culinary heritage.

As regards wellness, the Royal Spa presents soothing therapies—all perfect after a day of wine tastings, horseback riding, fishing excursions, or lounging at the beach.

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Olea’s spa beckons with a Hammam, a steam bath, a sauna, and a yoga pavilion. Needless to say, it offers a range of deep relaxation treatments including cryotherapy and Ayurveda. All this has an immutable allure after exploring Zakynthos’ bucolic northeast coast and its rolling inland hills.

In addition, treats such as Mediterranean and modern Greek cuisine, sushi, cocktails, and fine wines are found around every corner.

The Striking Design of Olea All Suite Hotel

Natural materials such as oak, bamboo, and rattan characterize the furnishings and interior design elements contrasting the cool geometric form and smooth interior surfaces of the buildings.

Throughout the suites and communal areas, earthtone colors abound while an ambient lighting concept encourages relaxation. On the terraces and outdoor spaces, statement pieces of lounge furniture overlook the resort’s waterways and the sea, inviting guests to take in the island from a unique perspective.

Earthtone colors and natural elements abound at Olea All Suite Hotel.

Thatched rooves, oak wood, and bamboo contrast tropical-modernist cube structures, while water flows through the resort.

Guided by the island’s landscape and the calming effect of water, Block722architects+ created a sprawling property of 93 suites revolving around a 4,000-square-meter pool that resembles a lake.

Water is ubiquitous at Olea All Suite Hotel, with streams and pools meandering between island-like clusters of tropical-modernist cube structures, communal areas under skylights, hidden gardens, and age-old olive trees.

All areas feature oak wood, bamboo, rattan, and other rough natural materials. These design elements provide an interesting contrast to the smooth interior surfaces of the buildings.

To summarize

With its blend of tropical aesthetics and contemporary elegance, Olea All Suite Hotel offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Set around a stunning 4,000-square-meter pool, the hotel also features 93 tropical-modernist suites.

Book your stay at Olea All Suite Hotel | See more hotels in Zakynthos

Moreover, it has a range of amenities, including three restaurants and two bars. Guests can also relax at the Royal Spa or explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Indulge yourself with a truly unforgettable stay on the enchanting Greek island of Zakynthos.

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